The Fine Print

1. All information shared on this blog has been altered to obscure identity while to the greatest extent adhering to the truth. Any person discussed is included for the purposes of illustrating themes and understanding phenomena, and It is not my intention to belittle or harm any person discussed. All assessments are my own and will be done with truth and grace, and if you feel that I have not done so or that I have revealed personal information that could identify an individual please let me know, so that it may be quickly addressed.

2. I will do my best, while maintaining my own anonymity, to reveal with transparency the growth and challenges of this journey, which I know I share with other single Christian females.

 3. I will not name the sites I use though you will likely be able to infer what online services I am using. That being said any experience I have is not an average representation and does not serve to represent whether I support or reject their service or whether you should use or not use these services, any decisions I make and you make are our own.

Now that is all out of the way - why a blog about dating?  Well it seemed like a good idea to avoid me mainlining those Greyhounds or annoying all my friends and family with my whining. The purpose of this adventure? To unravel where I stand in the middle of what has become a foreign land for me, dating and more specifically dating evangelically.


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